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This is the page where family history information specific to my Mattice family will be posted.

May 5, 2018

The following photos have been digitized and organized so I can share them through email.

Frank P. Mattice w/hat
Ida Z. Mattice  headshot
Ida Z. Mattice  headshot
Ida Z. Mattice  in winter
Ida Z. Mattice alone in front of tree
Ida Z. Mattice outside holding a baby
George Mattice, young, standing near RR
George Mattice cropped for headshop from previous photo
Kate & Rose Mattice  studio photo
Rose, George, Kate Mattice studio photo
Rose Mattice headshot cropped from previous photo

I also have a photo of Ruth Ann Butler, Frank Mattice's wife.

I have several other family photos that are digitized but not organized.  I will revise and repost this list as I add photos.

I feel very strongly about sharing family photos.  This is not just my family; everyone in the family has a right to copies of these photos.  I appreciate it when family members share in return.

December 22, 2017

This is risky but here's my Mattice family lines following it forward. Hendrick Matheys, first came to this country in 1711. Son Nicholas I Mattice, then Conrad, then Lawrence, then Jacob Henry, then Henry Madison, then my great grandfather, Frank Pierce of Blenheim, Schoharie Co. and Roxbury, Del. Co.,

 then my paternal grandmother Ida Zeala Mattice Odell, then my father, then me.

Stayed tuned for more to come.

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