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Monday, August 20, 2012

Old Fulton New York Postcards

Well, that's the title of the web site but the url is fultonhistory.com the column on the right allows you to search 19,648, 000 historical New York newspaper pages.

It's an amazing, albeit somewhat chaotic, conglomeration of old newspapers throughout New York state that have been collected, scanned and indexed for that web site.  

I've found family information there that I've never seen elsewhere.

I found an ancestor that none of us were aware of who slipped through the cracks of the censuses although he's actually there; we just weren't looking for him because we didn't know he existed.

And, you can read that story in the Odell/Oliver Clan page, here, on this blog. I've decided to divide the blog into pages for my primary family lines so that you only have to read this general page and the pages related to the families you're also related to instead of having to wade through families you have no interest in.

I highly recommend that you do some searches at the site listed and there's a link in my links menu.

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