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Saturday, May 10, 2014

New York State Historical Note:

In 1785, the Oneida reluctantly succumbed to pressure from New York State to sell their land at Oquaga (Onaquaga), (now Windsor and Colesville, Broome Co., NY).  By the 1740s the large Oneida village extended along the Susquehanna River.  In 1756, Sir William Johnson, superintendent of Indian Affairs was asked to set up a trading post.  That same year he a fort built to protect local Oneida families during the French and Indian War.  Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant), Mohawk, gathered forces at Oquaga in an attempt to stop the expansion of European settlements.

Family Member Profile:

William Marcus Wormuth – Uncle Marcus – son of Thomas James Wormuth and Fanny B. Hulse – was born 16 Jan 1892 in Peakville, Delaware County, NY.  He died 26 Aug 1956 in Harvard, Delaware Co. and is buried in the Harvard Cemetery.  He remained a bachelor all his life.
He worked for and lived with John D. Houck and Nancy Wormuth Houck on Houck Mountain.  Nancy was his sister as was my grandmother, Margaret Eleanor Wormuth Beismer.
He was my great uncle but I remember him as Uncle Marcus.  I remember him as taller than his sisters, handsome and pleasant, but shy and quiet.
I’ve only seen one photograph of Uncle Marcus.  He was standing in either a hay wagon or a manure wagon.  My mother had a copy but it was lost, possibly in a roof leak.  If anyone has any photos of him, I’d appreciate and would pay for a copy.

SoftwareAncestral Quest

You may have read that I recently purchased Ancestral Quest to replace PAF (Personal Ancestry File) which is no longer being supported.  I was nervous about how well my database would migrate into Ancestral Quest and was very happy that there were no problems and the process was very quick.  Ancestral Quest appears to be modelled on PAF, many screens and reports are identical and it has many enhancements that I’m only beginning to discover.  I will report on features that I find useful.  I’ve applied to be an affiliate and will shortly have a link to their web site where you can purchase the software.  It’s very reasonable and easy to install and use.

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