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Monday, February 16, 2015

Brick Walls

I research ALL my family line and I have reached brick walls on pretty much every family line.  The following is a list of the individuals that are the furthest back I've been able to get:

Maternal Grandfather's line:

BEISMER Family - Casparus Besemere married to Sarah Van Vliet - However, I haven't connected our immediate family with this couple.  Casparus and Sarah were in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.  The best connected, furthest back ancestors are:  Cornelius Beesimer married to Maria Catharine Vandermark living in Debruce.  There is a Cornelius Beesimer living in Rochester, Ulster Co. but I have not yet verified that they are the same person.  The surname has been a problem.  As you can see there are three variation in this paragraph; I have about two dozen variants.

VANDE(R)MARK Family - Simeon Vandemark married to Mary Jane Hogancamp.  Simeon's parents may have been John Vandemark and Janneke Ennest but I haven't verified that yet.

Mary Jane Vandemark

Maternal Grandmother's line:

WORMUTH Family - Peter Wormuth married to Harriet Barecolt.  Peter was born approx., Montgomery Co. (undocumented) which connects us to the Montgomery County Wormuths but the connection is not clear.  Barecolt is not a surname that can be verified and probably sounds like the actual surname.  The name, so far, is only found on the death certificate of her son, Joseph Wormuth. Peter was married at least twice, possibly 3 times.  I have been trying to find death certificates of Joseph's other brothers, hoping to find additional documentation of their mother's name.

HULSE Family - Samuel H. Hulse married to Mary Schoonover.  Our family line comes through son, James David Hulse married to Mary Hendrickson.  There is a published Hulse family history that I wasn't able to acquire and I think the line is traced back much further.  There is a large Hulse genealogical network out there.

Paternal Grandfather's line:

ODELL/OLIVER Families - These 2 families are intertwined so much that it's difficult to look at one family without looking at the other.  Joseph S. Odell married to Catherine M. ?  Joseph was born 1810, 11.  He's first seen on the 1840 census in Windham, Greene Co., age 30-40.  Where was he before that is the current question I'm working on.  Various censuses show him born in PA, Del. Co. (PA or NY) and NYS; that's no help.  He's last seen on the 1870 census, Sullivan Co., Rockland (Morsston P.O).  He died between 1870 and 1880.  I have absolutely no documentation on him; no birth, marriage, military or death documentation.

Ezra Oliver married to Hester Crandall, later to Abigail Marshall (probably her previous married name).  First seen in Greene Co., later relocated to Sullivan Co.  Last seen on the 1860 census, Sullivan Co., Rockland, with Abigail and children, age 55.  I have no idea what happened to him after that.  Again, no documentation.

Members of the Odell and Oliver families married throughout the years.  Joseph and Catherine's son, Reuben, married Ezra and Hester's daughter, Emily. Joseph and Catherine's daughter, Hannah, married Ezra and Hester's son, Darius. Some children of Hannah and Emily married their cousins and so on down the generations.  It becomes very tangled at times.  There are a handful of researchers of these families who are related to Joseph, Catherine, Ezra and Hester.

George Odell

FLOWER(S) Family - Joseph Flowers, no wife identified yet.  Joseph is undoubtedly descended from Lamrock Flowers but I haven't made the connection yet.  My great grandmother, in this line, was Fannie Flowers married to George Odell.  Unhappily, Fannie died when she was 19 and my grandfather, William Joseph was about 7 months old.  George remarried and, while I'm related to my grandfather's half sisters:  Rachel, Fannie and Beatrice and their children, I'm not related to the Zurner ancestors and I don't research that family; only the descendants.

Paternal Grandmother's line:

MATTICE Family - The Mattice family has been thoroughly researched and the family history published.  It's my only family line that has been.  The family has been traced back to what is now modern Weisbaden when it was a tribal area conquered by the Romans.  A local tribe, called by the Romans, Mattiaci, made themselves an obstacle.  Apparently, the name stuck and evolved into Mattice. Henry Mattice (modernized) emigrated to England in 1709, then to America in 1711.  I'm satisfied with this line.

Roman bath house - Aquiis Mattiacis

BUTLER Family - Barnabas (Barney) Butler married to Hannah Chase.  Barney is first seen on the 1840 census, Del. Co., Roxbury, 40-50 yrs old.  I haven't been able to find him before then although he may have been born in CT.  He's last seen, 1875, NYS census, still in Roxbury, age 68.  No death certificate or cemetery record so far.

There are, of course, additional related families going backward but these are the most direct lines.

I'm quite frustrated, at this point, and, so far, unable to around, under, over or through these brick walls.

Anyone related to any of these families can contact me.  I'm always happy to communicate with potential relatives.

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