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Saturday, August 7, 2010


I started this blog in order to comment on another blog so I don't know how much I'll use this but here it is.

I've been a family historian (not a professional genealogist) for many years.  I am a professional librarian which is helpful in knowing resources and getting access to them.

I'm researching ALL my family trees, maternal and paternal, most which started in New York State.  I've reached brick walls on just about all of them but I haven't been able to get to various records that might get me a little farther in my research.  Only one of my families has been traced back to its origin in Germany, by someone else.

My primary families are:
Beismer, Beesimer, Debeck, Flower(s), Hogancamp, Hulse, Hendricks(on), Mattice, Odell, Oliver, Platner, Vande(r)mark, and Wormuth.

My primary locations are:
Greene County, Ulster County, Sullivan County and Delaware County.

I am currently, methodically, going through the censuses, federal and state, tracing each individual from near birth to near death.  I find a lot of gaps. confusion and problems.

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